Vegetarians have more and more options to enjoy turkey-free Thanksgiving dinner

Vegetarians have more and more options acheter testosterone cypionate en France to enjoy turkey-free Thanksgiving dinner

For US vegetarians Holding a Thanksgiving dinner without the ever-ubiquitous turkey or suckling pig is less and less difficult given the growing trend to avoid meat consumption, which goes hand in hand with new culinary proposals based on vegetables.

«It is putting a little creativity and seasoning to replace turkey, pork leg, chicken and derived products such as broth, with foods that taste the same or better,» said bodybuilder Nora Reynoso, twice winner of the gold medal in the Olympics of the Association of Professional Natural Bodybuilding (PNBA, for its acronym in English).

After suffering serious health problems, Reynoso, 47, became a vegetarian in 2016 and for two years her Thanksgiving celebration has been completely in line with this movement, to which more and more people seem to adhere.

Adam Shprintzen, author of ‘The Vegetarian Crusade’ (2015) and professor of history at Marywood University in Scranton, Pennsylvania, says that the rise of vegetarianism in the United States can be seen in the increased consumption of meat substitutes.

«It is a more diverse and popular vegetarian movement, in contrast to the past decade,» stressed the researcher.

Sales of vegetable-based meat substitutes in the US They have grown 31% in the past two years, according to a report by data technology firm Spins.

“The movement is also, in some cases, more depoliticized. This is how people can simultaneously adopt vegetarian diets while eating as vegetarians in a place like Burger King, «added the academic, referring to the Impossible Whopper, the multinational vegetable-based hamburger.

Reynoso confessed that the rise of vegetarians, which has sparked a kinder vision towards them, has allowed him to convince his diners on Thursday November 28, 2019 to try their gastronomic proposals.

«I explain to them that it is not peacock meat, but tofu, and that the filling is made from vegetable broth, but if many did not warn them or realize that they are not eating meat. It is really delicious ”, he defended.
«There has to be something you can think of that is turkey, that there’s stuffing,» he revealed.

Shprintzen said the first celebrations in the US Thanksgiving included meals with a greater emphasis on vegetables and grains, and it was after Americans built that strong association between eating turkey and meat with this holiday.

In addition to issues related to health, the arguments they use the people to stop eating meat include environmental concerns, animal rights and even religious beliefs. One study revealed this week that members of the Adventist Church of the Seventh Day, maintaining a restricted diet coupled with regular exercise, they are less likely than the general population to develop cancer or premature deaths. This name Christian, which emerged in the United States in the middle of the nineteenth century, has over 20 million members 213 countries and operates numerous stores offering vegetarian products.

Environmental concerns are also increasingly leading to reduced meat consumption. A Nielsen survey conducted in December 2018 shows that 61% of Americans are willing to eat less meat to help offset the environmental impacts of livestock.